The Garda Commissioner has said that more gardaí should be posted abroad to help tackle international fraud and organised crime.

Drew Harris told the Policing Authority this afternoon that more Irish people are becoming victims of cyber crime, including credit card fraud being carried out from other jurisdictions.

The commissioner said having more gardaí based abroad would help them seek assistance and contact other police forces when they need international assistance.

At present, just 15 gardaí are posted overseas - some with the UN in Cyprus, others as liaison officers in the UK, France and Spain, as well as some working with Europol and Interpol.

The commissioner said he would like to expand the garda presence abroad.

He also said there had been a number of successful anti-gang operations here and in the UK, and highlighted the recent seizure of 49kg of cannabis in Drogheda with an estimated street value of €950,000.

Speaking at the same meeting, Commissioner Harris said that in many of the cases where children were not prosecuted for crimes, other perpetrators were brought to justice.

He said that in 2,025 of 7,894 cases, an adult was cautioned or prosecuted.

The Policing Authority heard that adults were also made amenable in 18 of the 55 cases of serious crime.

These include prosecutions in the incidents of threats to life, hijacking, affray and aggravated burglary.