There has been an increase in most crime groups over the past year according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO), with fraud and robbery incidents up nearly 16%.

However, there has been a drop in recorded homicides, down from 87 to 72, a fall of 17% in the year to the end of March 2018.

The CSO has put a caveat on all the data calling them "statistics under reservation", due to ongoing issues with the underlying figures from the garda PULSE computer system.

In 2014, the CSO first suspended the crime statistics following a Garda Inspectorate report identifying quality issues in relation to the recording of data on PULSE.

Publication was suspended again in 2017 pending a review of homicide records.

Today's publication is the second quarterly crime data set released by the CSO.

The "under reservation" category will remain in place until the CSO is satisfied that the level of accuracy and completeness of the underlying data is of sufficient quality.

In the year to the end of March, sexual offences were up nearly 15% while attempts or threats to murder were up 13.5%.

Robbery, extortion and hijacking offences were up nearly 16% while weapons and explosives offences rose by 12%.

There were 130 kidnappings in the period, up 16% over the year.

Theft incidents rose 8%, public order offences went up nearly 7% and dangerous or negligent acts saw a 5.7% rise.