Senior Irish Twitter executive Sinead McSweeney has had her access to Twitter's Dublin office and her email restored, after she received an injunction from the High Court last week.

The company gave undertakings in court today that Ms McSweeney would continue to have this access in the short to medium term.

Ms McSweeney, who is Twitter’s Global Vice President for Public Policy, went to court last Friday to prevent the company from terminating her employment.

She said that when she did not respond to a "generic and vague" email sent to all employees by billionaire owner Elon Musk, who has recently bought Twitter, she was treated as if she was no longer employed by the company.

She was locked out of her email and not able to access the office, despite the fact that she had not resigned from her job.

This morning, Senior Counsel Mark Connaughton, acting for Twitter, said it wanted to "turn the noise down" and get back into a position where "normal relations are restored".

He said that would be best achieved by a direct meeting between Ms McSweeney and a senior member of HR in the organisation and that was something it wanted to do.

Lawyers for Ms McSweeney said she questioned if Twitter was serious about this, but if the company was genuine she was prepared to work with it.

Mr Justice Brian O’Moore extended the orders he made last week and adjourned the action until the end of next month.

He warned that if the matter was to be resolved, it was critical that both sides engaged with a level of genuineness and forthrightness with each other.

He said if that did not happen, they would all be back in court in January, February and March of next year.