The High Court has heard there has been "wholesale flouting" of orders granted last week to vacate a Dublin city centre property which is allegedly being illegally occupied.

Last week, the court granted orders directing all those occupying a building at Parkgate Street in Dublin 8 to leave the premises, after its owners told the court it had been occupied by a group calling itself 'The Revolutionary Housing League'.

However, lawyers today told the High Court that since last Thursday there had been an event held at the premises with more than 200 people attending.

It involved bands on stage and an entry fee had been charged, the court was told.

Barrister Stephen Byrne said the occupiers had "barricaded" themselves into the property and the matter was now urgent as it posed a health and safety risk.

Mr Byrne told Mr Justice David Holland that the premises had been deemed unfit for habitation and its insurers had now withdrawn cover.

He asked that the case return to court on Thursday amid concern that another event could be held this weekend.

Mr Justice Holland granted permission to serve notice on the occupants of an application to bring those in breach of court orders before the court.

The judge agreed notification could be done by email and by posting notices on the outside of the premises.

Last week, one of the occupants who opposed the orders to vacate told the court the building had been acquired and was being used to help homeless people.

He said the housing crisis was having a devastating effect on mental health as thousands remained homeless while properties lay vacant.

The judge dealing with the case last week said she sympathised with all those who were currently homeless, but she could only deal with the application before her and had no role in public policy.

Ms Justice Roberts granted the order to vacate the premises and had adjourned the case to Thursday saying she hoped her order would be complied with.