A senior member of the Kinahan organised crime group has been served papers in the Criminal Assets Bureau's attempts to seize a property in Dublin linked to Daniel Kinahan and jailed businessman Jim Mansfield Jnr.

The High Court heard this morning that papers were served on Thomas 'Bomber' Kavanagh.

The court also heard that the CAB is still trying to serve papers on Daniel Kinahan, who remains in Dubai.

Shelley Horan BL, acting for CAB, said that she will update the court on those efforts on 21 June as the bureau continues its inquiries.

Ms Horan also informed the court that Kavanagh, currently in Belmarsh Prison in the UK, was given an opportunity to participate in this morning's proceedings either by appointing a solicitor or by video link.

She said that when a garda spoke to Kavanagh through a cell door at Belmarsh, the garda explained to him that the CAB had presented evidence to the High Court and had begun proceedings to seize property at Saggart in south Dublin.

When asked if he wished to participate, Kavanagh replied: "I don't want to talk to you, go away."

The papers were served on Kavanagh by pushing them under the cell door and Ms Horan said the garda saw Kavanagh pick them up.

Ms Horan said that a member of the Metropolitan Police also explained to Kavanagh that he could appoint a solicitor or represent himself, but when asked if he would like to attend, Kavanagh replied: "No comment."

She said she was not looking for the court to make any order today but wanted to satisfy it that papers have been served on Kavanagh.

In relation to Daniel Kinahan, Ms Horan said it is the bureau's case that the property in question is potentially owned by him and that he is a crucial participant in the proceedings.

She said the CAB is still looking for information on the appropriate address for Daniel Kinahan and said she may ask the court for a "substitute" on the next date.

It was suggested at a previous hearing that Daniel Kinahan could be served via email or through his associates or by social media.

Mr Justice Michael MacGrath adjourned the proceedings until 21 June.

In February, the Special Criminal Court jailed Jim Mansfield Jnr in an unrelated case for 18 months.

Last month, the Criminal Assets Bureau began proceedings aimed at seizing a luxury property in south Dublin, alleging that Daniel Kinahan and Kavanagh gave Mansfield Jnr two suitcases containing €4.5 million which was to be invested in property for the Kinahan organised crime group.

That deal collapsed when Mansfield Jnr's finances suffered during the economic downturn but it is alleged that Mansfield Jnr later reached a deal with the cartel to repay them by giving them the house at Coldwater Lakes in Saggart.

At the previous hearing in April CAB said that Daniel Kinahan has effectively owned the property since 2014.

The Criminal Assets Bureau must serve papers on the various respondents in the case before it can seize the property.

Jim Mansfield Jnr and his brother Patrick Mansfield have already consented to an order waiving any claim over the property.

Daniel Kinahan is now the only respondent yet to be served.