A former Order of Malta volunteer who helped another volunteer in the first-aid organisation sexually abuse two teenage boys in two separate attacks four years ago has been jailed for five-and-a half years.

Jordan Murphy, 22, from Ardconagh, Naas in Co Kildare, also filmed the first attack on his phone.

In both incidents, the 15-year-old boys had been drugged and incapacitated after being given a strong pain relief medication stolen from Order of Malta supplies.

Scott Browne, another former Order of Malta volunteer from Co Kildare, who was 29 at the time of the offences, has already been jailed for nine-and-a-half years for his "lead role" in the crimes.

Scott Browne (Left) and Jordan Murphy (right)

The court heard that Murphy thought Browne was his "best friend".

Browne was an Emergency Medical Technician with the Order of Malta and was training to be a nurse. He was also more than ten years older than Murphy and turned out to be "a malign influence" on him.

Murphy fell under the influence of the convicted paedophile while they were in the Order of Malta and Browne also began sexually abusing Murphy when he was 15 years old.

On 7 May 2018, when Murphy was 18-and-a-half years old, Browne collected him in his car and they then picked up a 15-year-old boy from his home in Dublin.

Browne had befriended the child through the Order of Malta and had been messaging him for several months.

Browne told the boy they had a "green whistle", which would give him a high like laughing gas. The "green whistle" was in fact a pipe-like device used to administer Penthrox, a drug used by paramedics for emergency pain relief.

Browne stole the powerful analgesic medication from the Order of Malta supplies at Naas Racecourse in 2018.

The teenager agreed to try the drug and used the device like an inhaler in the back of the car. Browne then attached an oxygen mask to the device, pushed it on to the child's face and forced him to inhale until he passed out.

When the boy regained consciousness, Browne was sexually assaulting him while Murphy was driving through a remote part of Wicklow.

After he was dropped home, the victim told his family what had happened to him and they reported it to gardaí.

The second case came to light during the Garda investigation of the first attack when footage was found on Murphy's phone.

Two weeks after the first attack, Browne and Murphy had picked up another 15-year-old boy from a house in Co Laois.

The boy was coerced into inhaling Penthrox through the "green whistle" and began to lose consciousness, at which point he was driven to an industrial estate where he was orally raped by Browne.

Murphy filmed the attack on his phone.

The teenager did not report the incident and gardaí only learned of the second crime after uncovering the footage while examining Murphy's phone.

The videos show the two men prompting the victim to inhale shouting at him "take it" and Murphy picking it back up and administering it to the child after he drops it.

The footage also shows the child losing consciousness and Browne orally raping him.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott said today that while Browne was the "prime mover", Murphy bears a high degree of responsibility. He helped and facilitated him and was a knowing participant.

The drugging of the victims was, the judge said, "most serious" because Murphy knew the victims were rendered senseless in the back of the car and then abused.

He bears a high degree of moral responsibility, he said.

The judge said Murphy encouraged one child to take the drug; he knew full well what was going on; he made the video which was a humiliating and degrading invasion and willingly participated in doing it to a second teenager after the first time.

While he was not the main planner, did not procure or administer the drug and did not touch him, the judge stressed he did encourage Browne. He offered significant and essential assistance to Browne who groomed teenage boys, including Murphy.

Mr Justice McDermott said there had to be a consecutive element to the sentencing because the two young victims were entirely separate and unknown to each other and the attacks were planned and deliberate.

He sentenced Murphy to five years and to two-and-a-half years in prison to run consecutively, with the final two years suspended.