Lawyers for singer Dana Rosemary Scallon have said she has received a second six-figure sum in settlement of a defamation claim against the Sunday World newspaper.

In November 2018, Dana received a similar sum at the High Court in Belfast over the article published in the newspaper in 2014.

This morning at the Court of Appeal in Dublin, the newspaper apologised to Ms Scallon again.

Her lawyers said the newspaper had published false claims that she had given evidence connected to her brother, John Brown who was acquitted in 2014 of sex abuse charges dating from the 1970s.

She had sued after the Sunday World published a report online and on its Facebook page falsely stating that she had given evidence at the trial about steps she had taken in relation to him. Her lawyers said the report was without foundation.

In a statement, Dana said the publication was a despicable lie, falsely claiming that she had engaged in a cover up of child sex abuse.

She said the lies should never have been published. And she said it was a completely groundless, malicious and unjustified assault on her reputation and all she stood for.

Dana added that it was a deliberate attack on her good name, character, public and private life and her integrity.

She said it was unacceptable that it had taken seven years to bring the matter to a close in Dublin, given that the publisher had admitted in Belfast in 2018 that the article was false.

Dana's solicitor, Kevin Winters said it had been a long battle for Dana, given that she had to go to the court of appeal to achieve this result. He said he was delighted that she had been vindicated once again.

In its apology, the newspaper said it unreservedly withdrew the groundless and false allegations. It said it apologised sincerely to Dana for the distress and harm caused to her and to her family.