The family of woman who died from sepsis after a feeding tube became dislodged has settled a case for negligence against the Health Service Executive for €68,000.

Rose O'Malley from Mayo was 72 when she died in March 2015.

The settlement was made without admission of liability.

Mrs O'Malley became ill in December 2014 while visiting her daughter in Dublin.

She attended Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown but was discharged with a diagnosis of urinary infection.

Just over a week later she was re-admitted with pancreatitis.

The High Court heard she was high risk for this condition because of her medical history.

The court was told she spent much of the early part of 2015 in hospital but was making a slow recovery.

However in March, a feeding tube which had been inserted became dislodged resulting in sepsis and Mrs O'Malley died on the 19 March, 2015.

Her lawyers claimed if the tube had been properly inserted and monitored she would not have died.

However, they said a record of exactly how the tube was inserted was not available to them should the case have gone to a full hearing.

The family settled their action for negligence against the HSE for a total sum of €68,000 to include the statutory allowance in such cases of €35,000.

The settlement was made without admission of liability.

Afterwards, the family solicitor David O'Malley said they had taken the case to find the truth about what happened to Rose.

He said they were happy with the settlement and were hopeful that it would prevent any other family going through the same heartache in future.