Four people have been jailed for terms between 18 months and three years for their role in the attempted cover-up of the murder of 61-year-old grandmother Patricia O'Connor.

Ms O'Connor was killed by her daughter's partner, Kieran Greene, in her home in Rathfarnham, Dublin, in May 2017.

Her body was then dismembered into 15 parts and strewn around the Wicklow mountains.

Greene was given the mandatory life sentence for murder earlier this week.

Her husband Gus, daughter Louise, granddaughter Stephanie, and Stephanie's father were sentenced for impeding the apprehension or prosecution of Greene.

Gus O'Connor, 76, was given an 18-month sentence for reporting his wife missing on 1 June when he knew she had been killed.

Mr Justice Paul McDermott said he had behaved disgracefully and betrayed his wife.

Mother and daughter, Louise and Stephanie O'Connor, were sentenced for agreeing to a plan where Stephanie dressed up as her grandmother to pretend she had stormed out of the house with a suitcase.

Mr Justice McDermott said they facilitated the cover-up of the crime and allowed Greene space and cover to dispose of the remains.

He said their reaction to what was done to their mother and grandmother and to what was done afterwards was shocking and callous.

Mr Justice McDermott said it was also a gross betrayal of Ms O'Connor and of their uncle and Ms O'Connor's family and friends.

He said Louise O'Connor as Stephanie's mother bore a greater deal of responsibility. He said he was not satisfied either of them had yet provided a full account of what happened, even at this stage.

The judge sentenced Louise O'Connor to three years, with the final six months suspended, and Stephanie to two years, with the final six months suspended.

Stephanie's father, Keith Johnston, was found guilty of going on a shopping spree with Greene to buy tools that were used to dismember the body.

The judge said he showed callous disregard and total disrespect to Patricia O'Connor, and that he demonstrated a willingness to assist in acts he knew were in preparation for the desecration of a body.

He said the purchase of the tools was an important element in trying to hide the murder and protect the murderer.

He said Johnston played a willing part in the very cruel deception of Mrs O'Connor's son, Richard and other family members.

Johnston still maintains his innocence.

Mr Justice McDermott sentenced him to three years in jail.