The High Court President has urged the Dáil to reconsider its refusal to enter mediation over a claim for damages by the former Rehab CEO, Angela Kerins.

Ms Kerins took her action over her treatment by the Dáil Public Accounts Committee in 2014.

The Supreme Court found the Committee acted unlawfully in its treatment of her.

It said any further dispute between the sides, including about damages, should be decided by the High Court.

The court was told by lawyers for Ms Kerins that they had made a request to the Dáil to engage in a non binding mediation but in response, a parliamentary legal adviser had indicated the issue of damages raised important issues of principle which would have to be decided by a court.

Mr Justice Peter Kelly urged that a "second look" should be taken at this request.  Senior Counsel, Brian Kennedy for the Dáil said he would bring the judge's urging to the attention of his client.

The judge made his comments as he re-entered Ms Kerins' claim into the list with a view to her pursuing her action for damages.

Mr Justice Kelly said Ms Kerins had said she was willing to engage in mediation in the hope of ending the litigation, which she has said has had a very adverse affect on her.

She had said she had suffered very substantial financial loss as well as distress and injury.

The judge said her lawyers had sought non-binding mediation to resolve the issues in the context of the role of the Dáil in regulating its own behaviour and a public statement by the Ceann Comhairle acknowledging the wrong done to her. 

He said mediation was a possible way of avoiding another long and protracted hearing and possible appeal and was a process much approved by the courts as a method of bringing about a resolution by consent between parties involved in litigation.

He said if mediation was not embarked on, the matter would go to trial.

The judge said he considered there should be a second look at the mediation offer.