A District Court judge has ordered that an alleged victim be consulted before he decides if a prominent entertainer charged with a sexual assault can be named in the media.

Judge John Hughes said he also wanted the views of gardaí on the matter to be set out in writing.

He was responding to an application by RTÉ and newspapers to rescind the order of another judge preventing the publication of the entertainer's name.

Senior Counsel Diarmuid Collins for the State told the court today that while the alleged victim cannot be named, the accused is not entitled to any claim of anonymity.

He said that the view of the Director of Public Prosecutions was that it was not necessary to restrain the publication of the name of the accused as there was "no direct nexus between the accused and the complainant."

Michael Staines, solicitor for the accused man, said his client was not seeking anonymity and he accepted that he was not entitled to it in law.

He said he was not seeking to maintain the previous order made by Judge John O'Leary in August preventing the media from identifying the accused.

Counsel for RTÉ and the newspapers Shane English said the media was entitled "as a matter of law" to identify the accused and he applied for Judge O'Leary's order to be set aside.

However Judge Hughes asked had the alleged victim and gardaí been canvassed. He said he had "concerns at this juncture" and did not believe that he had "a full set of facts."

"The complainant does not appear to have been fully consulted," he said.

Judge Hughes said it was "appropriate that the alleged victim be consulted."

A court order had already been made dealing with the potential identification of the complainant."

He adjourned the case for consideration to 27 November and directed that the views of the complainant and gardaí be set out in writing.

"I don't believe these matters can or should be rushed" he said.

Mr Staines said the accused was pleading not guilty to the charge and agreeing to a seven-week remand for service of the book of evidence.

The man who is in his mid-20s is charged with sexually assaulting a man in Dublin.