A court has heard that a man accused of murder described the victim’s partner in derogatory terms after his son died in a tragedy over six-and-a-half years ago.

Patrick Quirke, 50, of Breanshamore in Co Tipperary, has denied murdering part-time DJ Bobby Ryan, who went missing on 3 June 2011 after leaving his girlfriend Mary Lowry's home at about 6.30am.

His body was found in an underground tank on a farm Mr Quirke leased from Ms Lowry 22 months later in April 2013.

The prosecution claims Mr Quirke murdered Mr Ryan so he could rekindle an affair with Ms Lowry.

Ms Lowry’s brother, Eddie Quigley, has testified that Mr Quirke said to him that Ms Lowry was "a right b****" and that she had not supported him or his wife after their son had died tragically in August 2012.

Mr Quigley also said that Mr Quirke said he only wanted friends and family at his son's month's mind and that he "would personally remove her from the church".

Mr Quigley said he replied to Mr Quirke that was his and his wife’s choice.

Mr Quigley also said he heard angry exchanges and shouting between Ms Lowry and Mr Quirke as he was working on her house.

He said that on another occasion Ms Lowry’s passport went missing before she was due to fly to Spain for his niece’s wedding.

He said they searched for it, but she had to get a replacement and she was a few days late for the wedding.

Under cross-examination from defence counsel Bernard Condon, he said Mr Quirke had been trying to get across to him that because Mr Ryan was a DJ, Ms Lowry’s boys were being left on their own.

He said Mr Quirke was angry and did not have good things to say about Mr Ryan, saying he was involved in music, out late at night and would be a man for the women. 

Mr Quigley said when Mr Quirke asked him if he could talk sense to her he replied: "I said to him ‘You know Mary as good as I do - Mary will make up her own mind what she wants to do and you or I won’t change that’."

Mr Quigley also said in the context of Mr Quirke’s unhappiness about Ms Lowry seeing Mr Ryan he asked his sister "was there something going on between herself and Pat Quirke".

He said "she was cross" when he asked her about being in a relationship with Mr Quirke and denied it.

"A good while later she admitted it," he said.

Mr Quigley has now completed his evidence.