The jury in the defamation action being taken by businessman, Denis O'Brien against the Sunday Business Post newspaper has gone home for the evening and will continue its deliberations in the morning.

Mr O'Brien claims that articles published on 15 March, 2015 giving details of a Government report into Ireland's banks, portrayed him as one of a gang of 22 "developer kings" who destroyed the country and bankrupted its banking system.  

The newspaper says the articles do not have these meanings and constituted fair and reasonable publication in the public interest. 

The jurors have up to nine questions to respond to on their issue paper about the meanings of the articles, the newspaper's defence and any possible award of damages if they find in Mr O'Brien's favour. 

This evening the jurors asked Mr Justice Bernard Barton to clarify what he meant by asking them for a "unanimous" verdict. He told them that all eleven of them must agree on their answers to all the questions.

The jury foreman told the judge they would not be finished this evening and would deliberate again tomorrow.

He said they would prefer to finish for the evening and recommence their deliberations tomorrow as they were getting "mentally tired". 

They will resume their deliberations at 10.30am in the morning.