The jury in the trial of former Anglo Irish Bank Chief Executive David Drumm has been sent home for the day as one of its members is not available.

The jurors began their deliberations on Tuesday and have deliberated for almost four hours.

They were due to continue this morning but the court heard one juror was "indisposed" and would not be available for the rest of the day.

Judge Karen O'Connor told the jury the Courts Service had been in contact with the juror and she would have further information later.

She asked them to return to court as scheduled tomorrow.

The judge apologised to the jurors, but she said "these things happen".

It is not yet clear whether or not the juror will be available tomorrow.

This is day 83 of the trial, which began in January.

Mr Drumm has pleaded not guilty to conspiring with others to dishonestly make Anglo's balance sheet look better by €7.2bn between March and September 2008.

He also denies knowingly presenting false figures to the market in December 2008.

The prosecution says he did this deliberately and dishonestly to induce people to invest in or leave their money in Anglo, even when he and others knew it was going down the tubes.

Mr Drumm says the transactions were not dishonest and were legitimate balance sheet management carried openly and transparently while trying to protect the bank.