The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin has apologised in the High Court for the "shortcomings in care" that resulted in the death of a baby girl.

The apology came as the parents of Aisling Furey settled their legal action over her death five years ago.

In a letter from the Master of Holles St Hospital Dr Rhona Mahony, read out in the High Court, the hospital offered "our sincere apology to you and your family in relation to the death of your baby daughter Aisling in the hospital on 27 June 2013".

It added: "The hospital extends its sincere apology for the shortcomings in care provided to you which resulted in the death of Aisling and for the distress and suffering this has caused you and your family."

Outside the court, Tracey Jones Furey and Eamonn Furey outlined how they left the hospital grieving five years ago and had to bring their baby girl, who was stillborn, out through a service entrance.

They said the hospital has assured them this practice would not be allowed to continue.

"The practice of taking grieving families and their babies out the side door seemed in an instant to assign Aisling's life to that of a secret," Ms Jones Furey said.

"It demonstrated to us that Aisling was no longer worthy of the dignity and respect that other babies who hadn't died were given by the hospital. It had a lasting impact on our memory of leaving the hospital."

She said the circumstances surrounding Aisling's death caused their family significant distress and devastation.

"Aisling's life mattered and as parents the only gift we could give her was that of her legacy. Thankfully we both possess the tenacity, strength and family support that allowed us to fight on behalf of our daughter.

"We are very sad that our darling Aisling, who would now be five, is not with our family today.

"However, we continue to celebrate how much we loved her and she is continually remembered and included in our family celebrations."

Ms Jones Furey, from Dublin, had sued the National Maternity Hospital over the circumstances of her Aisling's birth and death.

She was admitted to the hospital on 19 June 2013 at 28 weeks' gestation.

She was kept in for observation and on 27 June she experienced pressure and abdominal pain. Two hours later she was physically examined and found to be in premature labour.

Baby Aisling was later delivered stillborn.

It was claimed there was a failure to maintain any or any adequate maternal and foetal monitoring or supervision and a failure to intervene to deliver the baby by caesarean section with sufficient speed.

It was further claimed there was a failure to investigate adequately or at all the death of the baby.

Liability was admitted in the case.