A number of High Court actions involving the wife of former Anglo Irish Bank chairman, Seán FitzPatrick, have been settled.

The court had been hearing three sets of proceedings related to Catriona FitzPatrick's claim that she was entitled to around €6m of her husband's assets.

He was declared bankrupt in 2010, with assets of €47m and debts of €147m.

Ms FitzPatrick brought proceedings against the court official dealing with her husband's bankruptcy.

She claimed she had a beneficial interest in some of the assets as she had paid towards loans for them.

She also brought a claim under family law.

The court official, known as the Official Assignee in bankruptcy, Chris Lehane, brought his own proceedings against Mrs FitzPatrick and the couple's three adult children, David, Jonathan and Sara. 

The Irish Bank Resolution Corporation also brought proceedings against Mrs FitzPatrick.

Both the Official Assignee and IBRC said Ms FitzPatrick had no legal, equitable or beneficial interest in assets held in the sole name of her husband.

The case centred on 18 assets worth around €40m, comprising properties in Ireland and abroad and investments in various funds.

The case was due to go into its fifth day when lawyers for Mrs FitzPatrick told the court that the proceedings brought by her could be dismissed and the proceedings by the Official Assignee and IBRC could be struck out.

Ms Justice Marie Baker commended the parties and said a lot of work had been done in a case that raised important issues.

Mr FitzPatrick had been giving evidence in relation to loans to buy his assets.

The court heard the loans were taken from joint Anglo accounts held by himself and his wife.

In her evidence, Ms FitzPatrick said she left most of the financial matters to her husband because she trusted him totally as he was involved in finance and knew what he was doing.