Video footage of the murder of David Byrne at The Regency Hotel two years ago shows that the attack involving six gunmen took six minutes.

The Central Criminal Court has seen more than 50 CCTV clips from in and around the hotel, as well as from streets in north Dublin at the time of the attack on 5 February 2016.

25-year-old Patrick Hutch, from Champions Avenue in Dublin, is charged with murdering Byrne in the attack. He has denied the charges of murder and related firearms offences.

The footage shows 33-year-old Byrne turning to go back into a function room in the hotel before he was shot dead.

It also shows gunmen searching the hotel and pointing their weapons at people but not shooting them.

Aaron Bulger and Sean Mc Govern were also shot and injured during the attack.  The court was told neither man co-operated with the garda investigation.

The footage which was played in court showed a silver Ford Transit van arriving at the hotel and a man in a flat cap, identified as the late Kevin Murray, and a man dressed as a woman wearing a wig walking in. Both men carried handguns.

The prosecution claims Mr Hutch is the man who was dressed as a woman.

The footage shows Mr Byrne running with the crowd from the weigh in after the shooting started.

However, he is seen turning to go back to the hall before turning and running again before he is shot in the reception by two of the men who were dressed in fake Garda tactical uniforms.

After six minutes on the hotel premises, all six are seen running to the van waiting with the side door open before it drives away.

Earlier the owner of the hotel told the court he realised that men dressed as armed gardaí were not gardaí after he saw them shoot a man in the hotel reception.

James McGettigan said he told everyone in the bar to lie on the ground as he first thought the men were there because of a robbery.

He described it as a very surreal and stressful time.

Mr McGettigan said the gunmen were aggressive and appeared young and he had never seen gardaí behave like that before and knew it was something else.

He had a bad feeling at that point and told the staff to call the gardaí. When someone said "they're already here", he replied: "They're not guards."

He then rang a detective sergeant he knew, who told him help would be on the way.

A photographer from Independent Newspapers told the trial that he heard gunshots and took pictures of gunmen dressed as gardaí in paramilitary uniforms going into the Regency Hotel.

Colin O'Riordan said he also saw a gunman fire a shot over another person's head and said to him to "get the f**k out of here".

He also said he saw the man dressed as a woman walking fast towards a van and heard him say "I don't know where he is, I can't f**king find him".

A journalist with Independent Newspapers testified that he also heard a loud bang and saw the gunmen dressed as gardaí and thought it was a raid.

Robin Schiller said one of them pointed a gun at him and told him to "get down, get f**king down", while another gunman told him to "get the f**k out of here".

He said he put his hands up and went out to the road in front of the hotel. He also heard someone shout: "He's not in there, he's not f**king in there, I can't find him."

The trial continues tomorrow.