This article was edited on 24 June 2019 to include this link to the article showing Mr Geoghegan was acquitted.

A man has gone on trial charged with sexually assaulting a bar worker on the dance floor of a late night bar in Dublin.

Donal Geoghegan, 37, from Oakdale Park, Ballycullen in Dublin, has pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting the woman in the bar on 21 November 2015.

Prosecuting lawyers told the jury it was alleged Mr Geoghegan sexually assaulted the then 20-year-old woman (by touching her in the vaginal area on the outside of her clothes) as she walked past him while carrying empty glasses on the dance floor.

Prosecuting counsel Lisa Dempsey said the woman felt a hand move across her thigh towards her vagina.

She said the woman immediately turned around and identified the man who had done it.

Ms Dempsey said the woman was "repulsed" and reported the incident to security staff who approached Mr Geoghegan and asked him to come to the office.

The court heard the venue's head of security and general manager spoke to him, but he declined to provide them with personal details and made no admissions relating to the incident.

Mr Geoghegan was asked to leave. The woman phoned her mother and asked her to collect her.

The woman told the court she was cleaning up and carrying glasses as she walked across the dance floor.

She said she felt a hand coming onto the pocket area at the top of her thigh and then moving to her private area where it stayed "for what felt like hours".

She said she saw a man staring straight at her knowing what he had done.

She said she shouted at the man "do not touch me" and went to get help from colleagues.

She said she felt sick and violated and knew what had happened was wrong.

The woman said when she looked back the man was dancing with friends and pretending that nothing had happened.

Defence Counsel Michael O'Higgins said Mr Geoghegan contended that the woman was not touched by him, and if she was, it was accidental and unintentional.

Cross-examining the woman, he put it to her that in her statement to gardaí she said "somebody" sexually assaulted her, but did not specify that it was Mr Geoghegan.

He said his client was "in the line of fire" as he happened to be the person closest to her.

The woman agreed that the venue was crowded but said there was enough space for him not to touch her vagina.

She denied a suggestion that she was relying on "gut instinct" about the identity of the man who assaulted her.

Mr O'Higgins told her she did not actually see him do it.

The woman said she felt it and she knew the man who assaulted her.

The case will continue tomorrow.