Independents4Change TD Clare Daly has won an appeal against a speeding conviction.

Deputy Daly, with an address in Elmwood Drive, Swords, was convicted by Judge Desmond Zaidan on 26 October 2016 after it was alleged that she was travelling at 59kp/h in a 50kp/h zone on 1 January 2016 at Ballymany, Newbridge.

Her appeal at Naas District Court focused on the fact that no evidence of a contract between the Minister for Justice and the company, Go Safe, which administers speed detection and prosecutions, was presented to the court as part of the State's evidence.

Counsel for Ms Daly, Sharbee Morrin, referred to an earlier ruling by the then President of the High Court Nicholas Kearns that at least some evidence of the contract must be submitted in evidence in these cases. 

Part of the audio transcript of the trial was replayed to determine whether the witness for Go Safe had or had not given such evidence. 

Judge Sarah Berkely concluded that the witness had not and said she had "no option" but to "allow the appeal".

Last October,  Deputy Daly was fined €300 at Naas District Court for speeding despite an attempt to plead not guilty to the charge.

She was accused of "a total abuse of court process" in the course of the hearing by Judge Zaidan.

A bench warrant with discretion was issued for her arrest after she did not appear before him the previous Thursday, 13 October.

She had been present in court that morning, but with her case at the end of the list, she left her solicitor Cairbre Finan with make her excuses and to plead guilty to the charge on her behalf.

When she appeared on 26 October, the judge refused to allow her to change her plea to not guilty, and fined her.