The jury in the trial of former Anglo Irish Bank Chairman Sean FitzPatrick will return to court on 24 April when they are expected to hear the last witnesses in the case.

Today was day 106 of the case, which has become the longest-running criminal trial in the history of the State.  

Mr FitzPatrick has pleaded not guilty to misleading the bank's auditors and furnishing false information about multimillion euro loans to him and to people connected with him between 2002 and 2007.

The jury has now been told the trial, which began at the end of September last year, is not likely to end until mid May.

The court was previously told that a number of jurors had made holiday arrangements and would not be available from 3 April until 24 April.

The 13 jurors heard very short evidence from one witness; former Anglo company secretary Ronan Murphy.

They were told there would then be two witnesses after Easter and Judge John Francis Aylmer told them it was anticipated "the process thereafter" would take three weeks.

Judge Aylmer thanked the jurors for their patience.  

He said he was sure it was a frustrating process for them, but he said there was light at the end of the tunnel.