New rules around isolation and testing will come into effect from Friday.

Boosted people who are identified as close contacts will not be required to restrict their movements.

They will instead be advised to wear a medical grade mask or a FFP2 for ten days, and to take regular antigen tests.

Close contacts who have not had their immunity boosted will be asked to restrict their movements for seven days and to also take regular antigen tests.

The HSE says boosted means an individual is either at least seven days post booster or has a combination of primary vaccination and infection within the last three months.

Testing positive and Covid isolation

Anyone who has Covid-19 will now have to self-isolate for seven days.

This is a reduction in three days from the previous rule of 10 days' isolation.

Antigen tests for under-40s

People aged between four and 39 who test positive on an antigen test will no longer have to confirm the result with a PCR test.

The HSE website will be updated to allow people to upload their positive antigen tests and the details of their close contacts, according to the Minister for Health.

Their close contacts will then be sent antigen tests.

The changes will take effect from Friday, 14 January.