People aged between 30 and 39 who have completed their primary Covid-19 vaccination course are eligible to register for their booster vaccine from today.

People aged between 16 and 29 who previously received the one-shot Janssen vaccine will also be offered a booster vaccine from today.

The latest acceleration of the booster vaccine roll-out comes as concerns continue to mount over the impact of the Omicron variant on the country.

Those seeking their booster dose should only do so once they are at least three months over their previous vaccine, and have not contracted Covid-19 in the intervening period.

Individuals can book their booster appointment online. Booster vaccines will be made available from participating pharmacists and GP clinics, and at walk-in vaccination centres.

People who have yet to avail of the previous offer of a booster vaccine for those aged over 39, or those who remain unvaccinated, have been encouraged to also make contact with officials and organise a vaccine or booster vaccine.

When attending for a booster vaccine, people should bring a valid photo ID such as a passport, driver's licence or other official documents, which should preferably include confirmation of date of birth.

Further information is available at or the HSELive number 1800 700 700.

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The latest stage of the Covid-19 booster vaccine roll-out comes as Covid-19 cases continue to rise, in part due to the Omicron variant surge.

Latest Department of Health figures show 9,006 more Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the Republic of Ireland yesterday.

Hospital figures also rose further, with 568 people now in hospital with Covid-19, according to figures from 8am this morning. This is an increase of 47 from the figures reported by the Department of Health yesterday.

Of these, 93 people were being treated in ICU.