There have been 1,703 new cases of Covid-19 reported by the Department of Health.

There are 363 people with Covid-19 being treated in hospitals around the country.

52 of these patients are being treated in intensive care units, down two from yesterday.

In Northern Ireland, seven deaths and 1,812 new cases have been reported in the past 24 hours.

Earlier the Taoiseach said the country can take some heart from indications that Covid-19 levels may be on a downward trajectory.

Micheál Martin said it was extremely important that people remain vigilant, and that numbers are continuously monitored amid schools reopening.

The Taoiseach has also said figures so far indicate the reopening of the economy is having a beneficial impact on economic development.

The signals indicate Ireland is currently enjoying an economic bounce as key parts of society reopen, he added.

Last night, Tánaiste Leo Varadkar said the vaccination of people under 35 was "really working now" and was "all ok" for the next stage of reopening.

Mr Varadkar tweeted that cases were "plateaued or falling" and the rise in the number of people in hospital or intensive care with Covid-19 was slowing.

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From Monday, organised indoor events and mass gatherings will return, with an attendance of 60% capacity allowed where everyone is vaccinated or can show Covid-19 immunity due to a recent infection.

Where there are unvaccinated people attending an event, or the immunity status is mixed, the rules for these types of events will remain unchanged.

The number or people allowed at weddings will remain at 100, but live music will be permitted and restrictions on dancing will be removed.

Organised outdoor events and mass gatherings will go up to 75% of venue capacity, where all attendees are immune or accompanied minors.

Where patrons have mixed immunity status, the capacity will be 50% and subject to measures such as social distancing between groups and face masks.

All religious ceremonies can go ahead with 50% of venue capacity, regardless of the immunity status of attendees.