The Department of Health has been notified of 1,314 new cases of Covid-19.

There are 187 in hospital being treated with the virus, of whom 30 are in ICU. The numbers in intensive care is an increase of one from yesterday.

In Northern Ireland, an additional 1,040 cases of the virus have been confirmed and one further death.

There are 226 people in hospital with Covid-19, 38 of whom are in intensive care.

The Chief Medical Officer has encouraged people who are eligible for vaccination but have not yet been vaccinated to do so "as soon as they can".

Dr Tony Holohan said that "full vaccination is the best protection" against Covid-19.

He added that it is "important to remember that infections in vaccinated people do not mean that vaccines do not work.

"While no vaccine is 100% effective in this way, these breakthrough infections that occur are generally much less severe, and they are associated with less risk of hospitalisation," he said.

In a statement, Dr Holohan said that vaccines are "our road out of this pandemic".

"Vaccination enables protection of the whole community, including the most vulnerable," he said.

"Getting vaccinated is an important preventative tool personally, but it is also an act of solidarity from an individual to wider society - an act that keeps one another protected, and ensures the continued safe reopening of our society and economy."

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Meanwhile the US Centers for Disease Control has advised that travel to Ireland should be avoided even if fully vaccinated.

It said that "because of the current situation in Ireland, even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading Covid-19 variants".