The latest HSE data on Covid-19 testing in schools shows that cases have dropped by over a quarter in second level schools.

There was a 27% decrease in the number of infections detected in the 13-18 years age group, down from 399 to 291 cases.

Overall there was a decrease of 7% in the number of under 18-year olds who tested positive last week compared to the week before.

A total of 930 children tested positive compared to 1,000 the previous week.

The only age category to show a rise in figures was amongst primary school children aged 5-12 years, with 56 more cases detected - an increase of 14% from 390 to 446.

In the 0-4 years group there was an 8.5% decrease in numbers detected, down from 211 to 193 cases.

The data shows the number of Covid-19 cases identified in schools last week decreased by 31% from 186 to 128 cases.

There were 302 tests carried out in school settings, 11 more than the previous week.

The positivity rate for school related testing has decreased from 2.4% to 1.7%.

A breakdown of last week's figures in schools shows that 91 primary school children and 28 post primary students tested positive.

The school data does not include so-called index cases, which account for the original cases identified in the community among school going children or staff which led to testing in the school setting.

The HSE figures show that 45 cases of Covid-19 were detected in childcare facilities last week, up slightly on the week before.

1,070 tests were conducted across 74 facilities representing a positivity rate of 4.2% compared to 3.1% the previous week.