Austria is currently the only EU member state on the list of 33 so-called "category two" countries, from which those travelling to Ireland are required to mandatory quarantine in a hotel for 12 nights.

However, what is the situation for those travelling from Ireland to other EU countries?

What restrictions are in place and what do you need to do before you travel for essential purposes?

Where do we stand regarding travel within the EU for essential purposes?

The EU traffic light travel system was adopted in November and essentially classifies countries depending on their incidence of Covid per 100,000 over a 14-day period.

It goes from green, amber, red and also dark red. Red and dark red being the countries with the highest incidence of Covid.

Out of 27 EU member states, only seven countries, including Ireland, are still adopting the EU traffic light system.

The others are Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Luxembourg, and Spain. All other members have adopted their own national classification systems.

So what requirements are generally needed in order to travel within the EU?

Most countries require those travelling to have a pre-arrival PCR test. There are exceptions, however, with countries such as Croatia, Estonia, Poland and Romania saying that those who've recovered from Covid in the last three to six months, or who have been vaccinated and can show proof, will not be required to take a PCR test.

And while Hungary has closed its borders to all travel apart from a few exceptions, if you have recovered from Covid and can show proof, you can enter Hungary without restrictions.

What about mandatory quarantine, where is that required?

A number of countries impose mandatory quarantine periods for those travelling to them.

Denmark, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands, have imposed mandatory quarantine periods for all those travelling there, no matter what country you are coming from.

Hungary also requires a ten-day mandatory quarantine period.

Austria, Belgium and Germany are among those requiring ten-day mandatory quarantine for those travelling from 'high risk' countries.

Where can people access this information?

The European Union has set up a new website that is coordinating all the information from European countries and is regularly updated.