The public is being urged to be aware of several scams relating to Covid-19 vaccination, after a number of people received fraudulent calls and messages looking for personal details in recent days.

Gardaí said a number of people have received messages requesting they confirm private and sensitive information, such as their address, date of birth, and PPS number.

Others have received phone calls requesting that they make an appointment to receive a Covid-19 vaccine at a random hospital.

Gardaí say that in many cases, the person receiving the call will say they are not able to travel to the hospital, which allows the caller to then extract further personal details.

Some people may confirm their address, and that they live on their own, leaving the scammer to then offer to come to their home.

The Health Service Executive has said it will never text or call people asking them for personal information, and would never request payment for either a Covid-19 vaccine or a test for the virus.

It said the vaccine is free, and is not available privately, and the first point of contact for a jab or a test will be your local GP.

Gardaí are urging people never to disclose private information over the phone or through text messages, and that if people receive such a phone call, they should hang up.

They are asking people to make contact with vulnerable people and make them aware of such scams, and say anyone affected should contact their local garda station.