A Dublin hospital has said more than 20 patients now have Covid-19 due to an outbreak from within the hospital.

In a statement, St Columcille's Hospital in Loughlinstown said 22 patients have the virus and a number of staff are also self-isolating.

It said an asymptomatic patient on a ward developed symptoms and was then tested for the virus.

All patients and staff who were deemed close contacts were then tested, as the Infection Control and Microbiology began a "surveillance process".

The hospital said progress has been made to "stabilise" the situation.

"The Hospital Covid Outbreak Committee which is led and informed by our Consultant Microbiologist, the hospital's Infection Prevention and Control Team, Hospital Consultants, HSE Occupational Health and HSE Public Health department have met on a daily basis since the outbreak and progress has made to stabilise the situation."

It said the Medical Assessment Unit and the Injury Unit, scheduled care services and outpatient services remain open and unaffected.