The Government recently decided to move the border counties of Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan to Level 4 Covid-19 restrictions.

It is in response to the high incidence rate in the three counties and the rapid rise of coronavirus cases in Northern Ireland.

The Government says the priority at Level 4 is to "keep schools and childcare services open while keeping people safe".

Level 4 involves stricter restrictions than Level 3, as all non-essential businesses will be closed, while visits to private homes and social gatherings will not be allowed.


No visitors. People are urged to only have members of their own household in their home and garden.

No other social or family gatherings should take place in settings outside of their home or garden.

Weddings can proceed with only up to six guests at the ceremony and reception.

Up to 25 mourners can attend a funeral.

As with Level 3, organised indoor gatherings such as conferences, arts events, and cinema screenings should not take place under Level 4.

All museums, galleries and other cultural attractions should also continue to be closed.

Gatherings of up to 15 people can take place outdoors if they are in controlled environments with a named event organiser, owner or manager. 

As with Level 3, religious services will be held online, but places of worship will remain open for private prayer.

Sport and exercise

Gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools are closed.

Training in an indoor setting can only take place on an individual basis and no exercise or dance classes can take place.

Non-contact sport training can take place outdoors, but only in pods of up to 15.

No matches or sporting events are to take place, with exceptions for professional and elite sport, inter-county matches and horse racing events that are taking place behind closed doors.

Outdoor play areas for children will remain open with protective measures in place.

Retail and service

Restaurants, bars and cafes can only open for takeaway and delivery. They may not provide indoor dining service. Outdoor seating may be provided for a maximum of 15 people.

Wet pubs may only offer outdoor seating for a maximum of 15 patrons.

Hotels may only open for existing guests and those with essential non-social and non-tourism purposes.

Only essential retail and businesses can remain open under Level 4.

Essential services that can remain open include farming, veterinary, manufacturing, supply and repair of machines, construction, transport and media operations.

Travel, work and education

Everyone is advised to stay in their county (or other designated geographic area), except for essential purposes, such as work and education.

Only essential or other designated workers should go to work.

Schools and creches will remain open with protective measures.

Further, higher and adult education is to move to primarily offer service only with protective measures in place for essential attendance.

Public transport

People should walk or cycle where possible.

Only essential workers and people with essential purposes should use public transport, and capacity will be reduced from 50% under Level 3 to 25%.

People are advised that face coverings must continue to be worn.

Older people and the medically vulnerable

The medically vulnerable and those aged over 70 should "exercise judgement regarding the extent to which they engage with others and in activities outside home".

Separately, visits to long-term residential care facilities such as nursing and care homes are suspended except for critical and compassionate circumstances.