Wedding guests will have to wear face coverings when arriving at or leaving their table, according to new guidelines for reopening hotels and guesthouses by Fáilte Ireland.

Under current public health guidelines, all guests will also have to leave function rooms or bar areas by 11.30pm. 

A maximum of 50 people, including staff, is allowed into a function area for weddings under the current public health guidelines. 

The guidelines, which were published on Monday, also say guests will not be able to share salt and pepper shakers and butter dishes. Instead, guests will be provided with individual packets. 

There will also be no "family-style" service of food, such as shared vegetable or gravy dishes. instead dinner must be served directly to each guest "fully plated". 

Hotel staff should wear face coverings when serving meals.

Hotels are also asked to "consider providing hand sanitiser on each table".

On arrival at the venue, guests must be directed to enter and leave through separate doors, while hand sanitiser must be "readily available" at each access point.

On the dance floor, guests will be asked to respect social distancing guidelines and staff "must monitor and manage distancing". 

Tea, coffee, drinks and canapé stations must also comply with social distancing measures and self-serving stations will not be allowed. 

Fáilte Ireland says "multiple gatherings are allowed in venue facilities provided they are in separate defined spaces and there are systems to prevent intermingling in common spaces".

In a statement, the Irish Hotels Federation said they welcome the guidelines.