Forklift manufacturer Combilift has designed a unique splitter device that can ventilate two people and at the same time allow medical teams to control each patient separately.

The Monaghan-based company which employs over 600 people worked with the HSE to design the Combi-Ventilate over the last five weeks.

The splitter uses standards pipes and fittings and its individual patient filters prevent cross contamination.

Each patient has a dedicated screen which allows medical teams to monitor their vital information and adjustable flow control valves allow medics to control the tidal volume to each patient electronically.

The device is currently undergoing laboratory tests with Ger Curley, who is a Professor of Anaethesia and Critical Care at the RSCI's Beaumont Hospital.

He said that in addition to the normal concept of spilling a ventilator, this device is unique it that it has added in monitoring and controls for each patient.

Professor Curley said the device would be very useful in developing countries who cannot afford to buy ventilators.

CEO and Co-Founder of Combi Lift Martin McVicar said this is not a commercial venture and he is hoping this device will help meet and facilitate the global shortage of ventilators.

He said it can be manufactured quickly and is in no doubt it will save lives.

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