Two brothers – the only children living in a Co Tipperary housing estate – are striking the right note with the cocooned elderly in their community by performing concerts for them.

Their efforts are helping elderly at Cudville Green in Nenagh cope with isolation through music.

Alex Ley, 11, and eight-year-old Brian perform at the green area in their estate on Sundays to give the cocooned elderly something to do.

The boys perform a repertoire of classical, pop and trad music on their violins, tin whistles and guitars.

"Me and my brother do a concert for our residents. We do them to make them smile and have a bit of community cheer," said Alex.

"The coronavirus is here and we have no entertainment except for news," said Brian.

Claire Ley, the boys' mother, said that the idea behind the concerts is to encourage older members of the community to come out of their homes to their gates to see each other at a safe social distance.

"We’d be one of the younger families in the estate. A lot of the children who lived here have moved on so their parents are a little bit more mature and the two boys – Alex and Brian – are the only two children in the estate," she said.

On three occasions since the Government advised the shut down of universities, cultural institutions, creches and schools the boys have performed concerts to entertain elderly people at the estate.

"The boys are doing this because a lot of the residents in this estate are cocooning. It is the only entertainment that they get – to wave at each other and have a bit of a chat at a distance," Ms Ley said.

"It has actually created such a sense of community spirit.

"I think it is lovely for children to feel they can be empowered in some way to contribute to that sense of community," she added.

Rita Guest who lives in the estate with her husband John, said: "They are very good. I think they enjoy playing as much as we enjoy listening to them".

"It is a great way to get us all out. We get to say hello and wave to everyone. It is so important for our wellbeing really."

Alex and Brian will perform at Cudville Green in Nenagh again this Sunday.

Alex said people "pretty much enjoy" the performances because it "is pretty much the only entertainment around here".

He added he "loved doing concerts" with his brother.

Brian said after finishing a gig for the cocooners he always feels "pretty sad" that he "can’t continue playing".

However, for him there is a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"If it wasn’t here then the concerts won’t have started," he said.