A Dublin secondary school teacher has appealed to schools to donate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is lying idle in their science labs to hospitals or other facilities, such as nursing homes.

School science labs typically have protective googles, gloves, and anti-bacterial soaps for use by teachers and students during science experiments.

Amy Doolan, a Science and Maths teacher at Coolmine Community School, brought goggles, gloves and soap to nearby Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown yesterday where it was accepted.

"We had 6,000 pairs of gloves just lying in the shelves in the lab", she told RTÉ News.

"Forty unopened containers of anti-bacterial soap, and 12 unopened protective goggles".

"We gathered up all the boxes, put them in my boot, and I drove down to Connolly Hospital".

Ms Doolan has since discovered that some hospitals and healthcare settings will also take used safety goggles in good condition.

She reckons that most of the larger second-level schools would have between 90 to 100 used goggles that could be requisitioned to protect healthcare workers.

She said Beaumont Hospital informed her this morning that they are able to disinfect and reuse previously used goggles.

However she has been advised that anyone donating quantities of used goggles should check ahead before delivering to ensure that the healthcare facility in question has the capacity to disinfect and reuse them.

Used goggles may also have to be delivered to a different part of the facility.

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Ms Doolan is aware of some other schools that have donated their PPE kit but she is keen to get the message out to more schools.

As well as being a teacher of Science and Maths, Ms Doolan has recently qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician. This is a pre-paramedic qualification.    

"I would love to become a paramedic", she said.