Doctors have moved to clarify how Covid-19 testing operates and who contacts the patient with the result.

The testing system or Public Health are to contact the patient, not the GP.

The GP has no role in advising patients of test results but should note the test result on a patient's file (when it is notified to the GP), according to the Irish Medical Organisation.

Following a Covid-19 telephone triage, the GP may determine the patient requires testing and is referred for testing through the electronic Healthlink system.

No 'tag number' is given to the patient by the GP.

The patient will receive a text or call from the testing system, to advise them of their time/location for testing and will at that stage give them a five-digit reference number, to present at the testing centre.

After testing, if the test is negative the patient will receive a text from the testing system advising them that the test was negative.

However, if the test is positive, the patient will receive a call from Public Health for contact tracing to begin.

Under a recent deal between the IMO and the State, GPs receive €30 for a telephone triage and €75 if the patient needs to go to the surgery, for a respiratory check.