A group representing landlords expects the Government to bring forward measures shortly to help renters who are facing a drop in income from the impact of Covid-19.

The Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has not given any details, however earlier this week he said there would have to be measures put in place to help renters during this time.

Minister Murphy has been carrying out a series of engagements with different tenant and landlord associations over the past few days.

Pressure is mounting on the Government to address concerns from people in the rental market.

Spokesperson for the Association Joe Doyle spoke to Minister Murphy this morning about the issues facing landlords and tenants.

He was updated on the Government plans to helps landlords and tenants.

He said: "The proposal put forward, should they be acted on, which I think they will be is going to protect landlords from their lenders because they are not likely to be able to make payments to lenders if they are given forbearance to their tenants.

"So if tenants aren't paying rent and the landlords aren't paying their mortgage we will all be protected.

"There was a number of items discussed and basically the main part of the whole conversation is to ensure that tenants are not forced out of their properties or tenants aren't given notice to quit in the next thirty, sixty, ninety days, whatever the case may be."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Dublin Renter's Union, Peter Dooley, says tenants who have been effectively been laid off from their jobs are extremely concerned they won't be able to pay their rent.

He has called for a moratorium on evictions and for rent payments to be frozen.

"The vast majority of people in low pay are people in the private rented sector. We were campaigning since last week and put forward suggestions about trying to end evictions to keep people secure in their homes.

"I think there should be a moratorium on evictions for the duration of the crisis until it's resolved. In these unprecedented times we need to keep people secure in their homes, that's vital."

CEO of the housing charity Threshold, John Marc McCafferty, said today they have received many calls in recent days from tenants worried that they could lose their homes.

He has also called for a moratorium on evictions and the removal of rent supplement and HAP caps for those who have a serious reduction in income.