Gardaí say they are increasing high visibility patrols all over the country in response to coronavirus.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris is due to announce a special policing plan tomorrow to help deal with the crisis.

Additional gardaí are to be deployed to support businesses and the public and trainee gardaí from the Garda College in Templemore are to be used for high visibility policing.

The college is also to be made available as a medical centre for the midlands in the event of large numbers of people requiring treatment for coronavirus.

Gardaí have set up a national coordination centre reporting to the deputy commissioner and are finalising their policing plans in response to Covid-19.

Extra members of the force are to be deployed around businesses such as supermarkets and pharmacies to provide reassurance and support to business and the public.

The move is also a response to tensions that have arisen over bulk buying where some shops have had to close for a time.

Changes are also being made to the garda roster and overtime will be available to cover the cost of the additional policing.

The next intake of new gardaí is due to enter Templemore in May but that training may not now go ahead should the college be required to temporarily close as a Garda Training Centre.

Commissioner Harris is due to meet the Garda Representative Associations tomorrow morning to brief it before announcing the policing plan.

In a statement Garda Headquarters said: "An Garda Síochána continues to liaise with the Health Service Executive and implement all national protocols where appropriate.

"An Garda Síochána will be increasing the level of high visibility patrolling in the immediate future to provide comfort and support to communities and businesses during the current immediate evolving situation."