It began as a simple project with an inexpensive night vision camera, to see what the local wildlife got up to after dark when the staff and volunteers at The Organic Centre in Rossinver, Co Leitrim, had all gone home.

Stephen Campbell, Garden Supervisor at the centre, said they often see tracks of animals during the daytime at work and wondered about the wildlife that shares the 19-acre centre with them.

The camera has been set up in different locations around the land, which is run as a charity and social enterprise offering courses and workshops and growing organic produce.

Stephen says the activity of wildlife in the area is a good indicator of the good quality of the water and general environment in the area.

Some of the best footage was recorded by the small river which runs through the centre, including one clip which has gained great popularity online.

It shows an otter dragging a salmon as a fox lurks in the background and then pounces but is too late to steal the fish.

The camera for this particular clip had been set up by a volunteer at the centre, Justina Pietsch, from Germany and she said it was really stunning to see the "spectacle" including the eyes of the fox approaching in the background.

Some days nothing much is recorded by the camera, but this clip, she said was really incredible and something she didn't expect.

Justina described the interaction as a kind of competition for food and Stephen agrees, saying that generally, the animals they have recorded, including herons, pine martins, ducks, foxes and otters are out hunting for food at night.

His aim is to gather a good bank of footage to see exactly what they have in the area in terms of wildlife, share it with the public and encourage them to do what they can to help wildlife in their own gardens.

That's something the General Manager of The Organic Centre agrees with wholeheartedly.

Jan Melia says people should set up night vision cameras in their own gardens so they will see a different world by night.

She is delighted at the project and the public response to the footage which she says indicates how wildlife can thrive when we don't use chemicals or do anything to harm nature.

"It's important for us all to look after nature", she said, "and everyone can do their bit".