Independent Councillor Mike Cubbard has been re-elected for a second consecutive term as Mayor of Galway.

It is the first time in over 50 years that someone will serve back-to-back terms as the city's first citizen.

Under the terms of a pact involving Labour, the Green Party, Social Democrats and Independents, Noel Larkin was due to take over as Mayor, following today's AGM of the City Council.

But when the meeting commenced, he proposed that Cllr Cubbard stay on in the role.

There were no other candidates seeking the position, and the outgoing Mayor was backed by all members to serve a second year in the job.

Members of the ruling pact met earlier this week to discuss their approach to the vote, after a Fianna Fáil Councillor suggested that Mike Cubbard should remain in his role.

It is understood there were concerns among the ruling coalition that the move could have strengthened Fianna Fáil's hand on the council.

The party - which has five of the 18 seats - was stymied in its efforts to play a more central role in the local authority last year, when a proposed pact with Fine Gael, Labour and Noel Larkin hit the rocks at the eleventh hour.

The planned candidacy of Cllr Larkin also drew controversy, with protesters gathering outside this afternoon's meeting, to criticise comments he had made about antisocial behaviour in some city estates.

Speaking after his re-election this evening, Cllr Cubbard said he was honoured to be backed for a second term.

He said that while it was "quite surreal" he was looking forward to the next twelve months.