The Lonely Planet travel guide has listed Galway as one of the best cities in the world for tourists to visit.

The publisher's 'Best In Travel 2020" guide describes Galway as "arguably Ireland's most engaging city" and fetes its street entertainment.

The western capital is placed fourth on a list of 10 cities around the world that have been selected for the range of activities, experiences and cultures they offer.

Salzburg in Austria is the top recommendation, followed by Washington and Cairo.

The Lonely Planet vote of confidence comes just months before Galway's designation as European Capital of Culture.

But visitors expecting to be entertained by a range of street performers may be disappointed. Restrictions on busking in the city centre come into force next January.

They are being imposed after Galway City Council voted in favour of new bye laws last month.

The rules will ban the use of amplification or backing tracks by buskers before 6pm and also restrict so-called "circle acts", that attract large crowds of bystanders.

The use of drum kits will be banned at all times.

The regulations cover what is described as the "protected streetscape", running from the top of Williamsgate Street to the end of Quay Street, the main pedestrianised zone in the city centre.