A new online resource for children, whose parents are experiencing mental health problems, has been launched in Co. Mayo.

The WITH project aims to provide advice and assistance to young people, to help them deal with challenging family life situations.

Those behind the initiative say a greater awareness of the importance of mental well being hasn't led to across the board services for those whose loved ones are in the midst of turmoil.

That’s what led a group of young people in Co. Mayo to devise the WITH - or Well-being In The Home - guide. 

It’s been designed in consultation with the HSE to provide easy to understand and easily accessibly information. 

The project launch in Castlebar today, follows almost two years of detailed research to make sure the project was as comprehensive as possible. 

The result is a series of information videos, scripted by and featuring contributions from teenagers, who’ve been impacted by the mental health distress experienced by their parents. 

The videos can be found on several websites, including your mental health.ie and mindspacemayo.ie

It’s hoped that by making the issue more visible, children and young adults will be more inclined to seek support, to deal with the distress caused by parental mental health difficulties.