It looks like the people of seaside town Enniscrone in Co Sligo will get the chance this year to decide once and for all on how its name is spelled.

A committee has been campaigning to have Enniscrone, as locals spell it, recognised as the correct name of the town rather than Inishcrone, as it is spelled officially. 

Now Sligo County Councillors have voted to hold a plebiscite on the naming of the town and 20 September has been provisionally set for the vote.

In the mid-1990s official road signs began appearing around the town directing and welcoming people to Inishcrone but locals continued to use the spelling of Enniscrone for business addresses etc.

The issue became particularly problematic when the Wild Atlantic Way began to draw more visitors to the area and many of them ended up getting lost.

Following the vote by councillors, Muredach Tuffy, of the Enniscrone Placenames Committee said the decision to allow the vote was "a historic day" for the people of Enniscrone.

It is his belief, he said, that the majority of locals want the official name of the town to revert to the original spelling.

A lot of locals could not understand why the name changed in the 1990s, Mr Tuffy said, and it was "a cause for concern because people were missing the town because of the different spelling on sat navs to the one we use here".

"The Irish name must change too", he said, "because we don't recognise the current spelling. We were taught and they still teach 'Inis Eiscir Abhann' at both national and secondary level."

Mr Tuffy said the vote is great news for businesses and tourism in the town because it means "less people will miss us and get lost".

"But there's still a lot of work to do here and we need to get this passed. I hope and believe the people of Enniscrone will come out now and support this," he added.