Details of successful conservation projects for the Red Squirrel will be discussed in the coming days as 51 squirrel experts gather in NUI Galway.

The university is to host the eighth International Colloquium on Squirrels from the 4-8 June bringing together squirrel researchers from around the world.

The meeting was expanded to cover flying squirrels several years ago as well as tree squirrels and this year the event will also include work on ground squirrels.

Chair of the event, Dr Colin Lawton from Zoology at the Ryan Institute in NUI Galway, said research conducted by wildlife ecologists in NUI Galway and other Irish institutions will be presented including the latest on the recovery of the red squirrel in Ireland.

The presentation will examine successful conservation projects, afforestation and the impact the pine marten has had on the invasive grey squirrel.

Fifty-one squirrel experts representing 15 countries will present their work and hold discussion sessions on common themes, along with field excursions to forests in Co Mayo.