A Galway county councillor has become the latest member of Sinn Féin to resign from the party.

Galway county councillor Gabe Cronnelly said he had left the party due to ongoing unrest around the way it had dealt with alleged unethical behaviour.

The resignation of Cllr Cronnelly has come just days after Sinn Féin Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh resigned for similar reasons.

"Sinn Féin has a Constitution and a Code of Ethics which are great documents on paper, but when it comes to calling people to account who are treating others in an unprofessional manner, the rule book goes out the window," said Mr Cronnelly in a statement.

"There are so many good people in Sinn Féin who want to make a real difference, that to let a small group of individuals who are putting themselves first in my eyes just is not acceptable," said Mr Cronnelly.

Senator Ó Clochartaigh quit the party over what he described as inaction in dealing with disciplinary issues in the constituency.

Mr Ó Clochartaigh also criticised a decision to "plough ahead" with a selection convention in the constituency, which he alleged had a pre-determined outcome.

This afternoon, the party accepted the nomination of Galway city councillor Mairéad Farrell as its sole candidate in the constituency of Galway west/south Mayo in the next general election.

Ms Farrell currently holds a seat for Sinn Féin on Galway City Council.

Around 200 members of the party showed up in the Harbour Hotel in Galway to show their support for the nomination.

As Ms Farrell was the only nominee, a vote was not called for.

Also attending was Mali Uí Chlochartaigh, the wife of senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh.

Ms Uí Chlochartaigh said she was withdrawing her membership in support of her husband's stance.

She also stated that Sinn Féin has some huge problems that it needs to face both locally and nationally.

Responding to the resignation of Mr Cronnelly today, a party spokesperson said: "Sinn Féin has worked hard to resolve the situation in the constituency and, while it is not always possible to please everyone, there was an agreement from all members to move forward together.

"This was on the basis of 17 recommendations from the review group being implemented across the constituency.

"We are continuing to work to resolve these issues to everyone's satisfaction and the agreed recommendations will all be implemented," said the spokesperson.