A national school in Galway city has been forced to close after a burst pipe caused extensive flooding to classrooms.

The damage at St James' NS in Bushy Park was discovered yesterday morning and the school will remain closed until a full safety assessment is completed.

The flooding occurred when a pipe burst in the roof of a two-storey section of the school.

Water flowed into four classrooms on the first floor and continued to flood a further four rooms on the ground floor.

School principal Joe Carney is hopeful that there will be no major long-term damage to the structure as a result.

However, there are concerns about the electrical fittings that water flowed through. The school will reopen once these are judged to pose no safety risk. 

Around 20 dehumidifiers are in continuous operation to remove moisture from the affected rooms. 

Pupils and parents are being informed about the progress of the clean up through the school's text alert system.