Concerns have been expressed by HIQA about governance issues and the lack of overnight management at residential centres for people with intellectual disabilities in Co Roscommon.

It comes after it was revealed that no manager has been on call during an emergency at one centre and a resident had contributed to the purchase of a car.

In an inspection report, the Health Information and Quality Authority said there were a number of complaints recorded regarding lack of an on call support system at night for staff at homes run by the Brothers of Charity.

The centre which was inspected provided residential services to five adults with intellectual disabilities.

It comprised of three community houses located in Co Roscommon.

Three residents lived in one house, and two residents lived independently in the other house and apartment.

The inspection found that there were major shortfalls on overnight management at the centre and on several occasions was no manager on call to support residents and staff in the event of an emergency.

This support was required on at least two occasions over the past number of months.

In one instance, the assistance of emergency services was required during the night for a medical emergency, but there was no manager on call available to assist them.

The inspector reviewed the current arrangements in place for managing residents' money and found that there continued to be inadequate governance around the use and oversight of residents' money at the centre.

For example in one house a resident's funds were used to pay for the day-to-day running of the centre.

Furthermore, a resident had contributed to the purchase of a car.