10 key points from Solidarity-People Before Profit's election manifesto:

1) Housing

Solidary-People Before Profit pledges to hold a referendum to have the constitution recognise housing as a human right.

The party will also immediately declare a housing emergency, which it says will allow the State to borrow funds for a major house-building programme.

That would see 100,000 social and affordable homes built over five years, at a cost of €14 billion. These homes will be delivered by a newly-created national construction company.

For renters, S-PBP promises an immediate rent freeze and greater security of tenure, while it will also create an independent review board for council tenant.s

2) Health

The party wants to push for a national health service that is free at the point of use.

To achieve this it is promising to reverse cuts in health, hire more front-line staff and increase the number of beds in the system.

It also wants to make healthcare more community-led, abolishing the HSE in favour of democratically-elected community health centres. It will also build the network of primary care centres, offer free GP care for all and establish an online GP system.

Meanwhile the party will end all supports and tax breaks for private hospitals and healthcare facilities, and seek to reduce the amount going to big pharmaceutical firms through changes to the way medicines are acquired.

3) Climate

The party pledges free public transport for all, in order to reduce emissions and improve air quality. 

It will also increase the Dublin Bus and Bus Éireann fleet, while expanding the country's rail network.

For homes, SPBP will provide grants to fund deep-retrofitting of dwellings, which will also serve as a job-creation policy.

It will create publicly-owned companies to manage solar and offshore wind energy generation, while also supporting community co-ops working to develop on-shore wind.

Meanwhile the party wants to shift the Carbon Tax towards big polluters, but not levy it directly on families.

4) Pensions & Work

The manifesto commits to restoring the pension age to 65, as part of a package of measures aimed at workers.

It will also increase the State pension to €260 a week and restore the transitional pension scheme.

For those still in the workforce the party wants to give all workers - be they full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent - the same rights.

It also wants to end the gender pay gap, and guarantee workers have the right to join a union.

Meanwhile it will raise the minimum wage and introduce the right to four extra holidays each year.

5) Public Service Pay

Specifically for public sector workers, the party promises to end the pay imbalance between older and new workers.

It also aims to scrap 'Croke Park hours' and increase the minimum wage to a 'living wage' of €15 an hour.

Meanwhile it would limit the amount that senior public servants can earn compared to those on junior grades, to a ratio of 5:1.

6) Tax

S-PBP pledges to abolish Universal Social Charge for those earning less than €90,000, while also introducing a high income charge for those over who earn more than €90,000. 

The well-off will also see their taxes increase through a 2% tax on assets worth more than €1m, which it says will allow for the abolition of the property tax. Meanwhile the party says it will end the practice of millionaires residing elsewhere for tax purposes, saying all Irish passport holders will pay tax in Ireland.

For companies, the party will close loopholes to make the 12.5% rate a minimum, while it says it will abandon the State's appeal of the EU's Apple tax ruling.

Meanwhile commercial properties will see stamp duty rates increase, along with capital gains tax.

7) Childcare

The party's manifesto proposes a guaranteed 33 hours of free childcare per week per child.

It says it will cap childcare fees at 3% of income before moving to a free service through a newly-established National Childcare Service.

S-PBP will also guarantee "decent" wages for childcare workers, as well as access to training and retraining.

Meanwhile it will fund access to arts programmes for children in disadvantaged areas, and encourage healthier eating through schools. 

8) Education

The party promises to fight to scrap third level fees, while raise SUSI grants and eligibility thresholds. It also proposes a State-funded scheme for student accommodation.

At primary and post-primary level, S-PBP wants a maximum class size of 18. It also seeks to increase the number of Special Needs Assistants while reversing cuts in the area of guidance teachers.

The party also proposes some curriculum changes, including the introduction of modules covering philosophy, political economics, arts and media studies.

Meanwhile it would make religion a non-compulsory subject for all, while ending religious involvement in the management of the country's schools. 

9) Disability

In addition to more SNAs in schools, the party also says it will guarantee earlier assessment and intervention for children with autism and other disabilities.

It also says it will reverse all cuts for those with disabilities, while giving people more autonomy over the type of care they receive.

It wants to improve access to services for those with disabilities. It wants to make all train stations, bus stops and vehicles "genuinely accessible", while also employing more staff to assist those traveling.

The party also wants to make the education system, and homes and public buildings, are accessible to those with a disability.

10) Insurance 

S-PBP says it will establish a public, not-for-profit car insurance company in order to tackle high rates for drivers.

It cites a similar system in Canada as an example of such a company, adding that it will also include special rates for taxi drivers.

Meanwhile it will phase out tax breaks for private insurance policies, in line with its broader policy of reducing the health system's reliance on private companies.