Sinn Féin councillor Paddy Holohan has been suspended and disciplinary procedures have been initiated, over further comments he is alleged to have made about women on his 'No Shame' podcasts.

Mr Holohan made the comments during a conversation with film maker Terry MacMahon.

The two were discussing male-female divisions in society.

Mr Holohan said he didn't believe generally that it was appropriate to separate the sexes in particular situations, but he said if he offered exercise classes that were for men only, it would hurt his business.

"I know for a fact that if I put that out there, my business would be affected. I would be affected personally. I would be slated 'he hates women', or... they wouldn't say he hates men."

Mr MacMahon then commented that he understands why some women would want female-only classes because they may be afraid or may have been attacked.

"This is the problem. There are some f**king scum men out there, real scum and they need to be literally stopped," Mr MacMahon said.

Mr Holohan then interjected saying: "There is some f**king scum women out there as well."

He then went on to recount an alleged incident in which an underage girl had pursued a man and had taken pictures and videos and "asked for ten grand".

He said it wasn't an isolated incident and he said it petrified him as a father of two boys that somebody could make accusations like this and seek payment in order to not report it.

Yesterday, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald said she was satisfied that Mr Holohan had apologised over comments he made regarding Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

In two separate podcasts, the west Dublin councillor said he believed the country should be run by a family man and Mr Varadkar's Indian heritage meant he is separated from the history of Ireland.

In a tweet, Mr Holohan said his remarks had been misinterpreted and apologised "as my comments may have offended people as I of course did not intend to do so."

Speaking during a visit to Co Longford last night, Mr  Varadkar said he accepted Mr Holohan's apology.

This afternoon, Ms McDonald said disciplinary action will be taken against the councillor.

Speaking in Bray, Co Wicklow, described the comments about women as "beyond offensive" and "very upsetting".

She said: "We have procedures in the party where there has been a gross breach of the code of ethics, that is what I regard this to be, but obviously I have to allow that procedure to continue."

Asked if the comments were made on the same podcast in which Councillor Holohan had made other comments for which he had already apologised, Ms McDonald confirmed that they were, but she did not know about them before.