Irish start-up Workvivo, which provides employee communications platforms, has announced a major partnership with Ryanair.

19,000 Ryanair employees will use the Workvivo employee app as their central hub for communications.

Whether working at airports, on aircraft or behind the scenes supporting the airline, all of Ryanair's staff at its 90 locations across 37 countries will use Workvivo to provide them with access to the latest company news, posts and operational resources.

The platform, which can be accessed on desktop and mobile, will also be used for internal recruitment.

"We’re on a mission to elevate the employee experience no matter whether you’re working in the cockpit or in the check-in hall," said John Goulding, CEO of Workvivo.

"We’re delighted to welcome Ryanair on board with our mission," he said.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson said the Workvivo platform would allow for quick communication through a social media format that staff are more familiar with.

"We are pleased to partner with Workvivo and have branded their product in-house as Fleethub, which is now the fulcrum of all communications within Ryanair," Mr Wilson said.

Headquartered in Cork, Workvivo is used by organisations such as Bupa, TELUS International and Everton FC.