Around 200 staff at Salesforce in Ireland are to lose their jobs as part of global cost-saving measures at the company.

At the start of January, the technology firm said it planned to reduce its worldwide workforce by around 10% and close some offices.

At that point it was unclear as to how the cuts would affect the 2,100 people working for the company in Ireland.

However, it is now understood that the global 10% target will be roughly applied in Ireland, resulting in around 200 job losses being sought.

"These are part of the reductions we announced in January," a spokesperson for Salesforce said.

"We are committed to the Irish market and plan to continue to invest here," the spokesperson added.

Salesforce is the latest in a growing list of technology multinationals with operations in Ireland to announce reductions in their workforces as the slowdown in the tech sector takes hold.

Meta, Google, Twitter, Intel, Intercom and Stripe are just some of the names to cut employment in Ireland in recent months.

Other large global firms with a presence here, including Microsoft, IBM, SAP and Hubspot, have also announced worldwide cuts, though it is not yet clear to what extent their Irish staff will be affected.

Making the announcement in January, Salesforce said the environment remained challenging and its customers were taking a more measured approach to their purchasing decisions.

"As our revenue accelerated through the pandemic, we hired too many people leading into this economic downturn we're now facing, and I take responsibility for that," co-chief executive, Marc Benioff, said at the time.

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