A new survey has found four out of five hybrid workers feel unsupported in their jobs as a result of "passive management".

The study from HR software platform HRLocker reveals that 62% of employees feel that their managers did not listen to them and failed to provide adequate feedback to enable them to perform effectively in their jobs.

The negative sentiment was highest among hybrid workers followed by remote workers and those in-office.

One third of employees reported feeling isolated in the workplace, a sentiment felt by almost half of hybrid workers.

The research shows that while companies have proactively invested in digitalisation, greater communication and interpersonal skills are required to deliver a truly connected workplace or else businesses are at risk of losing top talent.

In spite of this, overall employee satisfaction is high with the study showing that greater work/life balance tops the list of positive drivers for all employees.

"Technology is enabling us to do so much more, but it can't fix or replace the fundamentals of people management," said Crystel Rynne, COO at HRLocker.

"Good communication between employers and employees is still critical to engender connection, alignment and engagement," she said.

"Our research shows that the majority of Irish workers, who now do some form of hybrid working, are caught in a type of working limbo, neither fully benefiting from the perks of remote or in-office working," she added.

"There is an onus on managers to actively listen to and engage with those splitting their working life between office and home," Ms Rynne said.

The survey of 600 full-time employees was carried out in January.